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04 Apr 2012  

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Another option is to put the batch file in the top level directory. You could make two batch files, one with a +h called hide.bat and one with a -h called unhide.bat for instance. In the top level, create the hide.bat file with this command:
attrib /s /d +h *.dop
and the unhide.bat file with:
attrib /s /d -h *.dop
These will hide/unhide all files in the current directory and every subdirectory within that directory.
Thanks for a very elegant and simple solution. I take it s / d means subdirectory... very nice!
Here's what they mean:

/S Processes files in all directories in the specified path.
/D Process folders as well.

You can type attrib /? in a command window to know as what switches does it support and what they do.

If you just type /? you'll get a list of all the commands with their respective brief explanation...

You can do wonders (as i like to say) by mastering the commandline.. :P
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