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21 Jul 2009  

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I use my router for stealth mode though (seeing as how i cannot turn the damn firewall off from there) so i never really went looking for it. Check it out and see if you like it.
you can do create for a device something called a DMZ zone where all unsolicited data goes to...
(meaning all ports not forwarded to another computer will go to that DMZ enabled device)
so it is technically not turning the firewall off but its the closest thing to turning the firewall on one device while keeping your network safe

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Unless you really know what you are doing, running two firewalls at once is not recommended. I know the concept of double security seems enticing, but it can be more headache than comfort. typically when you install third part firewalls, they either prompt you turn off windows firewalls, or they do it on the fly and give you notice that it did so.
very true as they are both are installing a kernel and network driver which can interfere with another one active firewall if installed (its even worse with a third party firewall with another third party firewall as even if you disable one the network and kernel driver are usually still active...)
it can also cause weird things to happen...
(such as one blocking the other, messing up the network and not being able to get on the internet, ect)
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