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06 Apr 2012  

Linux CENTOS 7 / various Windows OS'es and servers
W8 CP with Hyper-V or Vmware workstation (W7 or W8)

Hi all
Hyper-V is also built into the STANDARD W8 CP edition so you don't have to use the server edition to create VM's.

Since this is Free I am going to test it out -- just wondering what advantages now VMware WORKSTATION (180 USD) has over HYPER-V on a desktop OS (note NOT A SERVER). I want to have a W2k3 and TWO W7 VM's.

The HYPER-V does what I mainly want with VM's -- can start and stop them at logon / shutdown of the Host without requiring anyone to be logged on to the HOST (as per VMware workstation rel 8.02) so remote access to VM's is possible without anybody having to be logged on to the host - note I only need 2 or 3 VM's not a full blown server, and I can Clone these.

I'm not too worried about the other facilities either in VMware workstation OR Hyper-V except the virtual / network switching capability looks good in Hyper-V.

Anybody tried both -- seems if MS has a FREE product that is comparable to VMware's 200 USD one well it's worth testing.

Note this is the HYPER-V that runs on the W8 CP -- NOT THE SERVER EDITION !!!!!.

Any info - appreciated a lot.
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