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07 Apr 2012  

win7 pro 64bit

I have attempted to run verifier in different ways but was unable to. Each time I would select settings and reboot it would BSOD before windows would load (exactly as described above).

This is likely a bit obnoxious to make changes in the middle of a troobleshooting process but I wanted to help narrow down a lot of factors. So the following is what hasa transpired since our last contact:
  • Disconnected the M4 SSD drive.
  • Formated a Western Digidal Hard drive completely
  • Installed a fresh copy of Windows 7
  • Installed the drivers that come on the Gigabyte Mother Board disk and windows updates
  • did NOT install anything other then Windows 7, the MB drivers, and windows updates
  • Set Verifier and BSOD'ed again on the reboot as windows tried to load
  • At this point, I reformatted the hdd and loaded windows 7 again. I ran Verifier before loading any drivers or updates. Success! Verifier finally ran.
  • I installed all the Windows updates and I was still able to run Verifier.
Next I loaded the drivers from the disk one by one. After each driver install I was able to run Verifier except following the installation of a Realtek HD audio driver and a ACHI/RAID driver. If either of those were installed, I would BSOD on reboot when trying to set Verifier.

So last night I left the computer as described above. No SSD, Only the WD hdd with fresh Windows 7, updates, MB drivers EXCEPT the two problem drivers. No other programs installed. This morning when I went to start the computer I got the BSOD again. Just like every morning it will keep rebooting as windows tries to load and until is BSOD's afterwhich windows will oad normally. Unfortunately, it appears non of the BSOD's recorded a dump file on the new install. It lokks as though there was a Kernel dump?

Regardless, I atatched a new perfmon and JCgriff file.

I have verifier running now with ALL drivers selected. I am a little unclear on which specific screen you would like a screenshot of.

BTW, I truly appreciate the help!
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