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10 Apr 2012  

Windows 8 64 bit PRO

.Net Framework, is a very common issue I have ran into with games.

A short story:
My friend had a computer. (in terrible state with so many services broken, he needs a reinstall) One day a game of his stop working.He basically reinstall and uninstall his game multiple times and couldn't understand why it wasn't working. After reading logs, troubleshooting, and looking up error codes I uninstalled all of .NET frameworks and reinstalled them one at a time. What do you know the game is working again

Also my bosses computer also had an issue, he had some problems with office suite software. Turns out he needed .Net Framework

In my opinion YES.
The cons vs pros.
I mean it does no harm for the most part, and today's program more and more are needing it.
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