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12 Apr 2012  

Windows 7 pro 64 bit
System Image - Hard Drive Clone

Hi there,

I am stack at certain process while trying to load a system image onto new hard drive using Windows 7 x64 image restore function from the windows 7 disk,
its kind of strange but let me explain whats happening,
I got my primary drive 500 gigs with windows 7 and all my files,
I made a system image onto another clean internal hard drive size 160 gigs and I was successful, now I disconnected my 500 gigs primary hard drive, attached a new 250 gig hard drive and I proceeded to load the system image, I boot to windows 7 cd,
I get the option to repair , click on restore from system image file , everything looks good computer finds the hard drive 160 gigs with the system image as source,
I press next look for the target drive and I see it there 250 gigs drive thats freshly formatted ..., I select the target press next it all looks good and then I get the screen that there is no target hard drive... I made sure that this hard drive is not being excluded from format and new process... I am lost ... what am I doing wrong here, I reformatted those 2 drives twice I tried this operation about 8 times , I get the error message each time I am attempting to create this new system image...,
can anyone help out...


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