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12 Apr 2012  

Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit
No manual settings

Hello PooMan,

Thanks for replying so quickly. I checked the TV set up and found no way to manually set IP addresses. Everything is automatic, but the ip addresses it assigns are correct. The TV gets a unique address (the same one no matter how many times I repeat setup), subnet, gateway and dns addresses are exactly what I would enter manually.

What has me stumped is why the TV can find the Internet to get to Netflix and I can see it on the Win 7 network map, but it won't come up as a detectable device. I've checked firewall settings in both Windows and the router to use plug and play, and I've tried to enter the correct port settings in the router virtual servers to allow upnp through. I'll admit I'm confused about how upnp works with firewalls, and that may be the problem. But everything went so smoothly with setting up the TV and router with plug and play and I've set up a printer connection through the router to this Windows netbook with plug n play so it seems that the router and Windows firewalls shouldn't be getting in the way.

Is there anything I can do in Windows networking settings instead of on the TV to enter the TV ip address and get the netbook to see it?
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