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16 Apr 2012  

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at least it wasn't a "Gartner's" prediction.

If Gartner said the same thing I'd sell ANY stock I had in Seagate etc etc. Those people are HOPELESS in prediction -- about 50% correct -- same as you'd get with a random guess. !!!

Of course what else do you expext SEAGATE to say--"We are in a dying Industry People -- Please do not invest any more money" --Of course not.

As more and more people try SSD's and like them demand will grow and the technology will develop (even Seagate will join the party at some time) to make them large capacity and affordable. It might take a while but IT WILL COME un some form or other.

Incidentally there are also ENVIROMENTAL reasons for using SSD's too -- less power requirements, less "Rare Earth" and toxic Heavy metal requirements so a cleaner manufacturing process etc.

(Look at Kodak failing to spot the digital photography trend, and probably SONY isn't too long left for this world either --at least in its present form).

Predicting Future technology or even the use of it is always a dangerous game -- remember once Texting was only provided since the Mobile operators had spare capacity and didn't know what to do with it -- nobody even dreamed of the amount of use it would get.

Music studios restricting output to CD thought they had the Music Industry in their hands for ever in spite of an onslaught by MD's (Minidiscs) to make music more portable.

Then as we all know the Ipod appeared and changed the whole nature of how people listen, buy and store music (and probably make it too).

Same with Movies -- Better Bandwidth, more people with large LCD screens -- so people want this at HOME rather than expensive trips to a movie theater where you don't have any control of how you play / watch the movie. People like Netflix etc have got this more or less correct assuming the Babdwidth can sustain it.

Satellite TV and "On Demand" TV has shaken the standard providers to the core -- who cares if channel X and channel Y are showing things yoy want to watch at the same time -- just RECORD both and watch them at your leisure (and fast forward the commercials too).

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