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16 Apr 2012  
Colonel Travis

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Of course what else do you expext SEAGATE to say--"We are in a dying Industry People -- Please do not invest any more money" --Of course not.

As more and more people try SSD's and like them demand will grow and the technology will develop (even Seagate will join the party at some time) to make them large capacity and affordable. It might take a while but IT WILL COME un some form or other.
Agree, but the key phrase is "take a while." There's simply no way flash drives will come close to matching the capacity of mechanical drives for decades - it's the same brick wall Moore's Law is running into. Beyond a certain point, we just don't how to shrink and cram more stuff in tighter spaces. I'm sure the marketplace will figure this out, or come up with a totally new technology, but right now that is really far off.
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