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16 Apr 2012  
Vir Gnarus

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If you're getting BSODs already within a week of purchase, you can pretty much chalk it up to being hardware-related, in that something in the laptop managed to slip through QC but still is bugged.

If you want specifics, 2 of the 3 crashdumps reported your bluetooth drivers being responsible. They're dated from January of last year, so you may wanna update them if available. Remember to grab em from the HP website. You may also turn off your bluetooth and see if that will resolve things, but that's obviously an ugly workaround.

If you wish to be more sure what drivers are exactly responsible for this, you can turn on Driver Verifier. For the checks, select everything but Low Resource Sim, Force Pending I/O Requests, and IRP Logging. Restart after you finish. If system goes through boot loop after restart, go into Safe Mode (mash F8 at system startup) and turn DV back off. Send us any resulting crashdumps that may occur after you turn on DV.

Understand that if there's a failure of bluetooth (or usb since both work in conjunction with each other) then it may attribute to a motherboard failure, which a common occurrence for new laptop issues. You would need to then request a replacement or repair for it. I would not doubt this is the case, given that through recent extensive studies they've found HP is labeled the worst by far in reliability of their products. Using super cheap quality materials to increase profit margins and all that.
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