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17 Apr 2012  

Windows 7 pro 64 bit

I will look at the solution suggested above, however I ended up reinstalling windows 7 and all my software from scratch onto that 250 gig target drive, I wonder if Bill Gates could recover my lost time in small financial contribution lol....,
In the mean time I wanted to ask you guys if I had the exact identical drives in size would the system disk image app.
thats included into the windows 7 disk make a complete usable image / clone of my primary drive booting windows 7 and all my installed software including all my e-mails and files?? does the type of hard drive play a role ? what if the Primary drive was a WD drive and my target drive was Seagate Drive both 500 gigs would that matter ??
In this case I would buy another 250 gig drive and image that drive....

thanks again,

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