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18 Apr 2012  

MS Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64-bit

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I don't know what happened but yesterday its like my computer died

It worked fine then all of a sudden shut down and now its a mess

When it starts up it takes forever and Norton doesn't start

It won't allow me to do any updates through the control panel

I can't open any program that includes explorer(obviously am not using my computer), norton, anything and trying to open stuff in safe mode does nothing either.

I tried the .exe fix by downloading it on a different comp and using a usb drive but i just get random error messages and nothing seems to happen when it says it merged.

I tried a system restore but even the oldest choice it gave me I still had same issues. At this point I'd be fine wiping everything clean and starting with it as a new computer like when i got it i am not worried about losing any info I can deal with it.

I am stumped any help would be great
Welcome to SevenForums.

First, let's get your data off of there.

Here's one approach:
Burn PuppyLinux to a CD.
Boot from the CD.
PuppyLinux will be installed into ram and NOT onto your hard disk.
PuppyLinux is rather easy to use.
Using PuppyLinux, copy off all of the data dear to your heart to USB stick(s).

Puppy Linux Community - Home

Here's another approach:
Boot up from a Win 7 System Repair Disc
Go to a command prompt.
Copy the desired files to USB sticks.

If you are running the 32 bit version of Win 7 then you will need to go to a computer that is running the 32 bit version. If you are running the 64 bit version, then you need to go to a computer running the 64 bit version.
Once you are there, then here's how to make the System Repair Disc:

START | type System Repair | Enter key | Create Disc button


Here's how to get to a command prompt:

1) Insert System Repair Disc into optical reader.
2) Shutdown computer.
3) Boot up computer from the System Repair Disc
4) A SYSTEM RECOVERY OPTIONS dialog appears.
5) NEXT button
6) select Use recovery tools that can help fix problems starting Windows
7) NEXT | Choose Command Prompt

Run desired commands and type EXIT when finished.
Remove the System Repair Disc.
Shutdown computer.
Power on computer.

If your computer doesn’t boot from the optical drive, then
Immediately after pushing your Power ON button,
start tapping the F2 key to get to the BIOS to change the boot order

On some computers, Immediately after pushing the Power ON button,
start tapping the F12 key and choose CD/DVD to change the boot order
only for this time.
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