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20 Apr 2012  

Windos 7 Pro 32 bit, Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit

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Thanks for the disk management snapshot.

You are almost already there.

First, there is zero need for any "realightment". You are using Windows 7 which correctly handles alignment.

I know that you have stated before, but would you tell me what you would like to change and, more important, the why.

The Windows 7 file, folder, and library capabilities and their junction points eliminates the need of a multitude of small logical partitions.
Well the first thing I would like to do is have it so I actually can log into my work partition on my SSD drive(as this is the whole problem).

Many of the partitions were made just to give me a separation of how much space I actually used and what stuff I would get on my HDD as I wanted to get the smallest SSD possible as they are expensive.

My final partition structure probably will be something like this(maybe I can do what you stated to reduce the number of partitions).

1. Personal Partition
2. Work Partition
3. Remaining Might be a shared Partition(files that I actively need to access from both drives...such as Visual Studios Projects).

1. Storage Partition
2. Music Partition
3. Picture Partition
4. Backups Partition

I might be able to merge Music and Pictures partition into one. I have to think about it. The reason why I want to do this is these partitions don't change to often(I do have an external backup drive) so they don't get regularly backed up and again both personal and work partitions might access say the Music partition.

With the dual boot of Windows it's all about separation of work and personal(licensing of software and other stuff).
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