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20 Apr 2012  

windows7 64bit
backing up restoring computer fresh install Just fast question

I have some issues I can't fix no matter what I do the main one being freezing, update errors and random restarts on top of lots of issues being reported in windows.

Nothing horrible but enough to bother me...

The straw to break the back will be this..

If I back up my computer (how do I do this) and then do a fresh factory install can I use the back up cds to put everything back on my computer? including programs (just wondering) Also will it put back my desktop and all that? or is this to much to hope in which case if I factory restore with saving all my info and it goes to a back up folder will it include programs or just files? Also will it all be usable or am I better off copying files to a flash drive or dvd cds?

Im just curious im super lazy I doubt I will do this but ... Clearly my computer won't play ball its going stay way it is unless I do this or just send it back and hope toshiba fixes it (which I know they wouldn't it has be windows error)

I been debating this for awhile now I honestly think some program or tweak or something must of really messed up a windows setting or maybe a power loss during update messed it up and I want some basic info before I even begain to think about doing this. I was also thinking of trying linux out but I think no matter what I need windows...

Just if I do reinstall I want it to be worth it also windows repair doesn't work ran it 10 times trying fix issue I don't get it it just keep updating same thing over and over
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