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24 Apr 2012  

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
BSOD Under Normal Use, Possibly Gfx Card

I've experienced 2 BSOD's today, both within 30 minutes of turning on the computer. I was doing nothing extraordinary either time, just browsing the web (in fact, the second time I was getting ready to post this). The blue screen flashed too quickly but I think it was stop error 116 and the file was ati something .sys. I suspect gfx card because of this. I've attached all the dump information.

OS is OEM, reinstalled 1 year ago. Mobo, CPU, RAM, secondary HDD are 2.5 years old. SSD (boot drive) is 1 year old. Gfx card, PSU are 6 months old.

Other maybe useful info about the gfx card is that it has been behaving strangely before. Last week and other times, Windows Aero would suddenly turn off, and the gfx temperature would rise ~5-10C and fan would go crazy. Rebooting fixed this, at least temporarily.
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