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24 Apr 2012  

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

Ok. I'll try that. I've always had problems with temperature with this card though. I have Speedfan, and the numbers it gives for CPU are 25-30C idle and 40-45C under load. With the GPU, it's idling at 45C and 60-65C under load. The lowest I've ever seen it idle is 40C. I have never gotten that idle temperature to go down. I've cleaned it best I could short of taking it out and taking it apart. I've tried messing with the fan speed controller with Speedfan, and I've set it so it's pretty much always at 50% or higher. I know the fan works because it's loud as f***. I've tried increasing the case fans to no avail.

It's got to be a temperature problem but I've haven't figured out why it idles so high.

EDIT: I found some dust on the fin things under the fan in the GPU. I've cleaned that out. I now also have large desk fan blowing into the computer as you suggested. The CPU is down a few degrees to 22-23C, but the GPU is still hovering around 45C.
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