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30 Apr 2012  

Ntldr is missing after erasing windows and installing ubuntu

I hope I'm in the right forum but here it goes....

Computer/Laptop in question:HP Compaq 6830s

Let me start off and say that I have been having problems with this computer and decided to install ubuntu because at the time it was the only known option available. I should also mention that it was the only known option available because the cd-rom is presently nonoperational so the only way to boot anything is from a USB stick.

The computer is presently running the newest version of Ubuntu ( When I installed ubuntu I chose the option to erase windows and install ubuntu only. I now realize that was not the best option. Ubuntu is fine but I would rather have some sort of windows operating system so I made a bootable Windows 7 usb key in order to install Windows 7. This bootable USB key works fine on my other computer which is a HP Pavillion A1710n and running Windows XP. However, when I put this USB key in my laptop I get the "NTLDR file is missing press any key to restart". I can't access the windows setup at all. I verified all my boot options and everything is set to USB. I have searched all over the internet but can't find anything for MY particular situation. I am by no means a computer gooroo but it seems to me that the NTLDR file is in fact missing and I need to reinstall it but how can I do that with Ubuntu?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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