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30 Apr 2012  

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Apple router continuing problems

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You may have misunderstood. Sounds to me that TVeblen was simply implying that you would probably not have a problem with splitting the signal (in other words, the signal will be cut in half, but the connected devices will likely still be able to use the half-strength signal).

As far as the suggested test, I think TVeblen may have misunderstood the fact that your router does not have ethernet ports and is only wireless. What you could do, is connect (via ethernet) your CPU directly to the modem to test (but before you do, make sure your firewall, AV, and MS updates are in good shape). That would help you to determine if the router could've been the cause of your trouble.

So when that spltter arrives you're going to split the modem output to your router and CPU? Meaning your CPU will essentially connect directly to the modem? That would mean you lose the security protection afforded by the router. If it was me, I would insist on placing a router between the modem and CPU.
As it was previously. This does not work. Router screwed up file downloads. I have never depended on this router for firewall protection.

I currently have the router completely disconnected from my system. I have NIS firewall protection. The modem output is directly to the CPU, the way it was before this router appeared and began causing these problems.
I did not know routers had coax cable inputs; I thought they handled modem signals only, by ethernet. My brother, who installed this device, was also convinced that this Apple Airport Extreme router had cable inputs.
router. My brother is also a Mac user.
I am now uncertain if this hassle is worth the ability to use my netbook in the kitchen or backyard; screen dims on battery power so unlikely to use outdoors. However, I greatly appreciate your input on this problem.

It is apparent from your info that I can only use the splitter and see if it works. I hope I have not wasted $22 (incl shipping) on the internet purchase.

My doubts about actual compatibility of Apple products continue. It would be useful to have wifi in the house, but not at the expense of losing file downloads.

I will inform you of the results when the splitter is installed. System may work at times, malfunction at others. As mentioned previously: ISP service, adjacent electronics devices (we have a large university building on one corner and a hospital 2 blocks away), and the other factors mentioned can interfere. But not befoer this Apple router was installed.

It seems all observations indicate my Apple Airport Extreme router is the source of my woes.

Bye the Bye, where is the best place to locate understandable instructions on how to set up this router, assuming this problem can be solved???

Once again, I value your output and am counting on your continued support.
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