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02 May 2012  

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One problem, these services are useless when providers like LoLex (pipex) are still around.

I wouldn't dream of uploading a file more than 50mb to a online storage.
Yes, your upload speeds have a dramatic impact on the usefulness of services such as these...especially for large files. It can be a slow and arduous process to upload large amounts of data when you don't have much upload speed. However, if you are uploading mainly small files or small numbers of files, it's alright.

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Seriously by the time I could upload some decent size data, I could go out drive to pc world and buy a portable hd, instead of watching my electricity drain as I watch the upload bar.
While true, if you used your portable hard drive as a backup and your house burned to the ground, you better hope you had moved that portable hard drive to another location so you didn't lose your source and your backup in the same fire. < - This is one area where using the cloud could have saved your bacon.

I don't really want to turn this thread into a defend or defy cloud storage. It has purposes, and people have different needs. This thread is intended for them to get ideas for which cloud service might be the best fit for their needs.
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