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02 May 2012  

Windows 7 Pro x64
Converted my HDD to dynamic; how do I change it back?

So, I'll give this as plainly as I can.

I had some partitions, as follows.


Next, I shrank the Windows 8 volume and made a new volume. My plan was going to be to clone the Windows 8 volume to the new volume, so I could add more storage space to my shared data partition. The problem is this: creating the extra volume converted my whole HDD to dynamic. That said, my Windows 8 boot was lost immediately. So, I just deleted the Windows 8 partition and the new one and merged all that extra space to my data partition. Now, will this mess with my Windows 7 boot at all? I'm scared to restart my computer.

All of my partitions (including my Windows 7 one) are just simple volumes now.
I'm feel stupid.
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