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04 May 2012  

Windows 7 pro 64bit. (SP1)

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Thanks for the quick reply Stormy, I can definitely understand that being the reason why its dropped. I did have my worries that i might have been buying the wrong card, but from reading the specs from the one i got, it just seemed like it was better than the 4850. It supports DX 11, runs on open GL 4.2 and has 2 GB memory. (Mines a Zotac GT 520 so its not exactly the same as the one on the nvidia site) and the 4850 only supports DX 10 and is a lower open GL version also with only 1 GB memory. As far as everything else goes (graphics clock, processor clock etc) my GT 520 is higher in spec than the AMD. I made sure all the specs were atleast slightly higher before buying it.

Here is the exact one i bought in case your wondering on the spec difference.
(I think it actually is a GTX but the box it came in only says GT, as it does on the image in that link)

ZOTAC GeForce GTX 520 Synergy Edition 2048MB GDDR3 PCI-Express Graphics Card [ZT-50605-20L]

the difference is gpu processing power .. (it is mesured not only in Hz) there is more to it than MHz
and 2Gb for economy gpu is overkill it will never use that much memory (its market trick from old times) and its gddr3 when there is gddr5 faster memory.
yes gf520 chip may support more new tachnologies but it is economy class gpu with low processing power i would recommend geting at least geforce 550Ti to have around same or better performance and new technology DX11 etc support.
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