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04 May 2012  

windows 7
seatools test failed, could that be why not responding issues?

I am helping a friend with her PC. she has been getting not responding problems for a few years. I do minor tweaks every once and awhile,which help but never solve the problem. She finally gave me her PC to spend a few days with it and a 14 hour memtest came out clean, but seatoools short test failed on her c-drive. I did the boot short-test and it failed, too. I am probably going to do a long test to try to fix the bad sectors, but I want to know if she should just replace the hard drive regardless of the outcome. It's a 250 gb seagate barracuda

This may sound like a stupid question, but can not responding issues be caused by a bad harddrive?

She has a q6600 with 4 gb ram running windows 7. She has an onboard graphics controller, but she doesn't play any games - just watches tv via the web. her N/R issues come whenever she tries to look up emails or contracts, browse around or try to do too many things at once.

Any advice would be helpful!
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