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15 May 2012  

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

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60 would be enough space as you can always place software and games on the spinner to open.
While true, why would you want to open the apps and games from the spinner? I'd rather have my apps and games open almost instantly and be in game and playing as quickly as possible. If it comes down to $100 for an 80GB drive, or $199 for a 240GB drive...I would strongly consider spending 2x as much for 3x as much space. Now, if budget dictates this extra $100 cannot be spent on more SSD space, by all means, install those apps and games on your spinner.

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Lastly the time is now to consider your case and power supply and if chosen wisely they will outlast your build and future changes many times over. With this future savings in mind please consider a 1000+watt PSU. You will have so much voltage headroom that it will run cooler, quieter, more efficiently and as the caps age and lose a little power each year you will still be safe for upgrades and add on. Smart money spent now will save big for many mobo's and CPU's.
On the flip side, if you know that you probably won't upgrade much for the next 2-4 years, you might want to save the money now on the PSU, wait until your ready to upgrade 2-4 years down the line and see what is available, or what might have changed. For example, a few years ago modular power supplies weren't popular. Today they are. Just because you buy over and above the # of watts you need today, doesn't necessarily mean the PSU will provide the feature set you want in the future.

I'm not saying that any other opinions are wrong, I'm just not convinced that overbuying is a sure fire guarantee for success.
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