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16 May 2012  

Windows 7 Ult, Windows 8.1 Pro,

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I realize the title happens frequently in general. I myself have had to go in and restore the device countless times on reboot. That's not the issue (default device, device enabled, etc).

For some mysterious reason, my What U Hear is malfunctioning and picking up absolutely nothing as of last night's reboot. Prior to this for the last few years since being on Win 7, I've had no issues (other than the common restore the default, enable it, etc).

So what might have changed?
1. I had a power outage mid day yesterday. I'm pretty sure I didn't attempt to use my What U Hear after this outage, but DID use it just prior to the outage (but was not recording or anything when the outage hit, but SF 9.0 was open)
2. I have gone into the BIOS and disabled HD Audio (since my MOBO has onboard)... I really thought this second one was going to fix my problem, but no.

When I go to check my devices in the audio pop-up, it shows my speakers as the default playback device and the oscillator goes as I play something. When I look at the recording tab, with the What U hear device enabled & defaulted, the oscillator just sits there dead. When I go to properties and either select "default playback device" OR select my external speakers (both of which should be the speakers, WHICH DO oscillate and work just fine) it doesn't matter... What U Hear still does not pick anything up!!!

Any ideas?

I'm sort of frustrated here and am out of ideas.
This sounds like the usual flaky Creative driver problem to me. You might want to search for Daniel K Creative drivers which work much better.
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