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19 May 2012  

Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

A little update:

I am digging into the event viewer to find clues.

I found that for every crash BSOD there is a refernce to a Kernel-event Tracing reporting as following:


Now, the interesting thing is, looking at time log, there is a consistent difference of 3 seconds between crash and this log. I will explain:

BSOD at 9.45.16 AM
Krn-trace (above) at 9.45.19 am

this is recurrent for all of the instances. So my question is: is this a cause or a result? i dont get how it can be a cause if it happens 3 seconds after crash.
However, 3 seconds after crash, there is not even time to PC to reinitialize a POST and get back online (I wish ), so, have to be something weird in the way it get logged.

I am focusing on this cause because I am having weird error messages while trying to updated 3 specific updates ( i have to find the 3 updates IDs, not available right now) and this Log is directly talking about Windows Setup which is what is failing during the updates.

However, I tried manual updates to force a crash and nothing happen. I just get an error message from Win update window and that s it, no crash.

What is that Panther\setup.etl ?

I recall I found something googling with user saying is possible delete that folder, or file and it will be recreated.

Waiting for suggestions, please
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