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20 May 2012  


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its called w7sbc. i tried it with the one you posted and it works but after i get a fialed to update BITMAP 6801:24. i did a restart and the orb was still the same and i keep getting the error
Sounds like you're using the right program, but you may need to run it as admin to work properly... Try right-click > Run as Administrator. If you have UAC enabled, you should get a UAC prompt asking for permission first.

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The problem isn't with the application that you're using, it's the fact that the start orbs have been saved as PNGs, not BMPs Open up the PSD again but this time save it as a bitmap (.BMP) file.
W7SBC should still work with PNGs, I haven't tried it myself, but I think Kishan did include logic to use PNG files for the source image in the application..

Still, having said that, a 32-bit BMP with all four RGBA channels (Red, Green, Blue, Alpha) would be the best bet.
I renamed to. Bmp but it made the background white and when I applied it, it was off centered I'm just going to use the first one another member posted
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