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24 May 2012  

Windows 7 64

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Here is what I get for this.
domainname = Specify a different domain than the one you're on, assuming you're on one, with this option. Skip domainname if you're not on a domain or you want net use to use the one you're on already.

From here.
Net Use Command Details and Examples
Ive read that.. it still left me a bit confused. Sorry, im a bit of a newb.

I also read another site that made it seem that you could replace the domain name with the computer name. I am not 100% sure of that however. I also do not understand the proper syntax of everything so,

Would the command look like this?

net use x: \\myserver\c$\documents /USER:computer_name\login_name
or if your are not using a computer name or domain name, like this

net use x: \\myserver\c$\documents /USER login_name
This would be with password included. (using the example from the link) and stay connected ??

net use e: \\myserver\c$\documents  password /user login_name /savecred /p:yes
Sorry for the ignorant questions...
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