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26 May 2012  
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Windows 7 Pro 64 bit
IE9 and 2007 word and Excel

Good Morning Windows 7 Forum, (ignor miss spelling, went to sleep in spelling class)

A strange thing has begin to repeat which is this: I click the IE9 LOGO look around the web everything is great. I click the X in the upper right of the window to shut it down, shortly after that a warning message comes up stating that the program was shut down incorrectly as windows is fixing the problem, I close that warning and another comes up stating that windows is closing IE9 which will correct the propblem.

This same thing occurs whel i open Word, Exce4l, Powepoint or Publisher. I continue usiing which ever one, no problems then shut down with the same warnings. In both cases I tride to close all the programs by going to FILE then EXIT, same thing.

This condition started several months ago, does not appear to cause a problem but just does not seam right since all the programs work very well.

My computer platform is: I am using a ASUS motherboard with AMD 3G CPU, 6GB of RAM, the C drive is a 1.5TB, D drive is a .5TB, Primary Optical drive is a double density recorder the second one is a standard recorder. I assembled the computer with components purchased seperatiely in September of 2010. I use the paid AVG for 3 computers, all have Malwarebytes. I build and manage web sites using Expression Web 4.
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