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26 May 2012  

Windows Ultimate 64Bit
General windows issue. Hard to explain in title, see in thread.

Hey all. Sorry for the rather unspecific title, however I'm having issues that can't really be described in a few words, without causing confusion.

A while back I installed a theme called "Dark Agility", I'm sure a few of you may be familiar with it, as I got it from around here (I'm pretty sure). (This is what it looks like). It's not an easy to install theme, and came with various instructions on how to replace certain files (one of which was Explorer.exe).

Since then I hadn't had any real major issues, but some are popping up now.
Whenever I try to turn network and sharing on, it will enable, but as soon as I close and re-go back into that menu, it will show as disabled again. This appears to be a regular occurence with any other menus that I can enable/disable things using a radio button (the little circle that when you click on it, it will highlight)..

Another issue that I'm having on this computer (I'm on my laptop at the moment) is this; Every time I change my power profile (Power saver > High performance, vice versa, or any other possible combination), my Minimum and Maximum CPU usage (obtained my going into the power options > more power settings > change plan settings > change advanced power settings > Proccessor power management) is set to 0%. That's 0% of the CPU as the MAXIMUM that windows can use... It underclocks the poor thing to around 600Mhz .

I was wondering if any of you knowledgeable chaps woul be able to help me out with these issues, and perhaps get them fixed? Thank you.
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