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27 May 2012  

Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10 (x86/x64)

Hi grits,

I honestly didnt see this post until just now, but the answer was as I said in the other thread that using WM on 7 the 'Offline' button does not work right for WM and is always on, if you try and click WM's Offline button it will crash WM, that's just 'one' of the little caveats of running WM on 7.

fwiw, what I always have done, even on OE going way back, instead of working on email 'Offline' I go to the top tab in WM up to Tools> Options> General> ..and in here I 'uncheck' these TWO box's:
~Send and recieve messages at startup
~Check for new messages every # of minutes
Instead, when I want to Send and/or Receive I just use the top tab (just to the right hand side of its Large has a small half button too) of Send & Recieve ...and I'll pick any one of the listings in there depending ...either just Send, or just Recieve, or mostly Send & Recieve, as well I have 5 email accounts in there to choose from too. My point is I'd rather do it manually, so that if I was working on composing an email and when I thought I was finished and clicked on the Send button 'within' the email' it would just Stay in the Outbox, until I actually manually clicked to send it as outlined in the beginning of this paragraph. For me, the advantages of this is just like working Offline, and a message will Not be sent out of my Outbox until I manually click to send it myself! ..and not have it take off Automatically. How many times have people sent an email before they were finished, or before they had a chance to change their mind and reword something, or etc, etc, etc many times over. Anyway this is just the way I've always did it which gives me more control over when I Send or Recieve, and it mimics Offline operation on WM if that's what you are wanting to do? ..rather than save it as Draft which is another option for other reasons.

btw, you also have this forums alternate Vista forum which has a Browsers & Mail forum over there too, the difference is you may find more people over there actually using WM more than on the 7 forum here if you know what I mean, since you are using WM. That's not at all saying there's no experts on WM over here at all it's quite the opposite, I'm just continuing our conversation from another thread and giving you another option especially if you want to search a specific WM issue then also consider searching there too.
Vista look for Browsers & Mail forum when you get there.
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