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29 May 2012  

Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

Hi Vir,

I do thank you again for your time on this matter. i do apologize it took a while to reply. I was out of town for a project.

Finally I am back and and I am back troubleshooting this weird issue. Some updates:

I am having constant crashes, on an average of at least 5 random crashes perday. Is not something I can repeat. I had crashes also while I was using the machne, watching a movie Usually was happening when the machine wa in idle).

I re-ran Mem86 full night for a total of 9 hrs, no error whatsoever. I tried to run Mem86 "probing" scan and it crashes immediately. I have no idea what is the "probing" option tho..

I am re-running Prime95 in "Blend" while typing, I will report results.

I was reading all of the "Bugcheck" repoprts in Event Viewer and although they are usually reporting some different code, reading the code explanation, it result always being a code related to some memory fault.

I found a few instances of bugcheck code 050 and searching the internet it seems this may be related to some driver failure.

When Prime95 will be over i will try to activate the Driver Verifier. I was also thinking if as a final resource it would worth a shot just "repairing" Win 7 with a full install on itself.

I did that in the past when I was having weird issues following these procedures:
Repair Install

If some sorta of drivers are failing (plus that weird update behavior I am having) maybe a nice "cleanup" would help better instead of having an headache troubleshooting, thought?
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