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31 May 2012  

7 ultimate 64bit

I have been using ps2 keyboard all the time. When I took all harddrives off and entered bios, the result was as I described, keyboard is not working correctly(altough it works).

Yes, everything started when I installed ssd. Now whether or not is the ssd plugged the keyboard will not work properly.

My last attempt to install windows was the best so far(I unplugged all usb, did fresh install), at first I got blue screen when trying to shut down(same bugcode usb). next boot and after installing windows updates, it became better. Now the thing is, windows works fine except out of 7 (bootup)tries I got windows to regognize mouse twice.

So there is something weird in there, nevertheless the bios is not working correctly. Hope I don't make this too messy?

Thank you, I quess I've made some success
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