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31 May 2012  

Windows 7 x64
Odd behavior - pop-up from embedded Excel appears throughout document

Sorry for the confusing title - not exactly sure how to succinctly describe the issue.

With Office 2010: I have a Word document with an embedded Excel chart. If I change the focus to some other program, then click back in the Word document, I see a box where the mouse is currently located (not the cursor - have to click again to get that to move) which shows information pertaining to one of the data points in one of the Excel charts.

If I move the mouse over the op-up box, is disappears until the mouse is moved out of the box. If I click anyplace in the document, the box goes away.

I have been experiencing this behavior ever since Office 2010 was installed - I do not remember if this was an issue with Office 2003. The behavior is clearly wrong and is quite annoying. Does anyone know what is causing this problem, and more importantly, how to get rid of it? Obviosuly, one could replace the embedded objects with images, but that is not a solution.

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