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31 May 2012  

MS Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1

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To go to another website through a link from the website open on your browser, you do not need Acrobat or Acrobat Reader. These programs are required only to open PDF files either on local drive or on a website.

In your example you are in Nextag web site and you tried to go to Newegg website by clicking on the Newegg name. Is the Newegg name on the website given as a link or not. Usually a link is indicated with a different color for text and when you keep the mouse on this link, the mouse cursor changes to a hand and in the web browser's status bar the target website's address is given. If it is a link with Newegg website as target you will be transferred to that site, when clicked on the link. If it is just text then by clicking on it, nothing happens.

About the forms on the webpage also you could not download the forms.

Could be your mouse not working properly? I mean the left button to select and to open a link not working properly. Try the Right button for the Left button function and see. If it is working then your buttons functions have been reversed. You can fix this by going to the mouse applet in Control Panel.

Please check your mouse. It it still does not work, give us more details.
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