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01 Jun 2012  

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit


outgoing is coming OUT of your computer, while incoming is what is going IN. Are you sure that it has anything to do with malware? It specifically blocks 225 intrusions and claims they are intrusions? No way! Does this behavior happen in normally safe websites such as and others? I do not know how well comodo (comodo, right?) performs. Is it a firewall or antivirus (from title I guess firewall)? I would prefer a good antivirus in use with the regular windows firewall myself. Antivirus is needed in case something gets past the firewall (whichever you use).

Outgoing is safe. Unless your computer is infected and subsequently sending out malware on its own, but your updated antivirus program would detect that. Don't be so worried. BIOS virus? Don't you worry about that, most computers make it near impossible to do, and your BIOS has settings to prevent that. Bios scanning isn't necessary.

Keyloging is a bit over the top, but someone might suggest something good. If you have a good antivirus, you shouldn't have to worry about keyloggers.

I often use malwarebytes coupled with Microsoft Security Essentials. I feel perfectly safe and don't worry about a thing. Unless you are working for some top secret agency or are not in complete control of your only admin account on your computer, I wouldn't worry about direct hack attacks or anything so spectacular. All you probably need for your specific situation is simplicity. Antivirus/antimalware.

Many others take a different view and may offer you alternate options to help you out. Hope you find what you are looking for
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