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25 Jul 2009  

Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64
How to backup My Documents/etc location settings

For years, I have kept most of my data on a drive/partition other than C drive. Let's call this other data drive/partition, D drive.

With the frequent install of Windows 7 builds, I started changing the location of My Documents, My Pictures, and My Music to D drive as I've done for years, but I even went ahead and mapped the location of Desktop, Favorites, Searches, etc to the D drive as well.

The benefit of this is I didn't have to physically copy/move this data before doing a clean install, I just had to go in and change the default locations to the appropriate D drive paths/locations after a clean install. This is a bit of work and is tedious, but less work than moving data, etc.

I've had my kids computer dual-booting Windows XP & Windows 7 for months as well. In Windows 7, that computer has an account for me (admin purposes) and four more accounts for our four kids. Now, imagine the tedious work of manually changing the locations for My Documents, Desktop, etc in Windows 7 for all 5 accounts on that computer.

I would like to think that there is some way of backing up the location settings for My Documents, My Music, My Pictures, Desktop, etc for each account, maybe even backup the settings for the custom Start Menus, Desktop Wallpaper, and so on.

Has anyone seen a way of backing up these settings manually, using a 3rd party utility, or using some Microsoft admin tool?

Thanks in advance for the feedback.
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