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06 Jun 2012  

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Problem with validation

Have posted before re an old machine that I have installed my friends Vista onto and all had gone well - updates service pack 2 et etc until today when it pops up a message that it is not a genuine OS.

Now I know it is as it was originally on another machine of hers that I put 7 on. This machine I wanted to give to her daughter to stop her mucking up the one with 7 as ha happened i the past.

I contacted Microsoft and to cut a long story short the tech told me the was no security on the machine - Comodo is and he suggested I put MSE on it - and that there were many reg errors. He offered to fix these for me and I thought great until he announced that it was going to cost $149 to do it plus an ongoing fee to keep the machine going.

Now I am hopping mad not because I am trying to get it on this other machine so much that the OS was paid for and what would have happened if the HDD died and it needed reinstalling on a new one?

In any case I need to know if there are any reliable and safe reg cleaners or rectifiers out here that I can use.

The install took me a good two days to do and if this is how M$ treat customers then I have a good mind to install Unbuntu or Linux Mint on the machine and they can have their precious Vista back

Sorry for the rant but I have had it with this mob after all the money I have spent with them
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