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08 Jun 2012  

Win7 Ultimate x32
Old XP failed boot causing error on boot

I apologise for any unclarity in the thread but that is best how to vaguely describe what my newly installed Win7/older failed XP install is doing...

I upgraded to Win 7 Ultimate from Win XP Pro after my OEM disk picked up a few more scratches than it needed.
During a re-installation it partially installed the windows XP setup with an error message of 'HAL.DLL' missing.

I believe the residual setup loader is causing problemS.

My PC insists on trying to boot from CD/DVD regardless of what I select.

If I select boot from CD/DVD with my new win7 disk I get the SAME message as if I didn't select boot from DC/DVD:

Windows failed to start. This could be from a recent hardware or software change.
1.Please insert your windows install disk and click restart
2.Change language setting and click next.
3.Click repair... etc.

If you don't have the disk contact admin....ect.
Status 0xc000000f
info: Selected entry not added/ application is missing or corrupt.

Enter Escape.

Escape = reboot to error listed above...

Enter = OS choice menu with:

1. 'windows 7'
2 'older verion of windows'

I select the ' older version' and the system gives me the same listed above error...

I select 'windows 7' and, well.... here I am, posting this thread from my PC, Win7, updated, gageted and all running smoothly...

Hibernate sometimes boots and sometimes shows the same error.....

Start menu 'Shut down' and 'Restart' also don't work on the odd occasion....

I researched and downloaded EasyBCD to delete the 'older version of windows' but it appears to have only 'deleted' it from win7's 'eyes' because ultimately the thing is still showing on my OS choice menu and is evidently causing a few hiccups.

I don't really have sufficient space to store all my info so as to format C: for a fresh install.
I would, if possible, like to remove the 'older version' and incessant boot from CD/DVD myself.
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