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08 Jun 2012  

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Ok the disk looks like it might be an OEM as the wording on it is the same as my own 7 OEM disks (licenced to be used with new machine) the original the builders of the original machine gave the owner the whole lot that was put on the machine the Vista disk. Asus drivers and utilities etc.
On first sight I took it to be a non OEM.

So perhaps this is where it is all falling apart. My beef is that if for instance the old machine and HDD (which the HDD did) - died then how would or could you put another drive in and reinstall?? I just feel that she paid for it and therefore should be able to use it in another machine and HDD.

It just seems to be a bit unsympathetic on the part of M$ and you might as well go burn the $100 out in the back yard..

I did in fact put another new drive in for her and an OEM 7 which as you might agree is a far better option. This other machine was to keep her daughter out of her mother's machine.

Oh well if they want to be that pedantic I can always put Ubuntu on it for her so she can get on with her studies.
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