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09 Jun 2012  

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Ah well fellas it was worth a try so at least I know that in the future I will have to shell out for a full blown and a fair bit more expensive Microgreedytsoft OS.

Personally for me this is not a problem but for the few that have little expendable income or less and want to get on in life through study or whatever, it certainly doesn't go down well with me that they should be so pedantic.

I do know of some who have openly boasted on the local forum of being employees of a company that takes part in the development of M$ that can pick up full versions of the OS through the company they work for - for $20!!. Yet for for the unfortunate it's full payment or nothing.

I will personally give this young girl a computer I think even if I have to strip one down and put new parts in it and I hope the M$ fat cats enjoy their luxury yachts over the weekend in the Bahamas

A bit of latitude would have gone a long way in this instance. So much for the philanthropy eh?
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