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16 Jun 2012  

Windows 7 x64 (Ultimate)

For a PC FPS gamer like me, the link is a bit disheartening as the only thing I saw there that I can actually say I may like is Crysis 3

I know that I will eventually play the new CoD and MoH games but I didn't see anything on that link. Besides, it will be more of the run and gun concept, go collect trinkets to level up (things that kiddies are very fond off) but... at least they will be optimized console ports.

They can blame piracy all they want, I know that is not the case... when you can bamboozle kids into pre-ordering games sight unseen, why waste time making a finished game?

I'll just go back to my dark corner and drink a little bit more of my Hate-O-Ade!
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