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18 Jun 2012  

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ON IE 9 click the tools in top right corner then "Manage add ons".

Click Toolbars and extensions tab. Highlight if listed then disable and delete.

If not under Toolbar tab click "Search providers" tab if listed highlight then disable and delete.

Tricky suckers like to hide that junk.

Chrome is similar. It will be listed under Search or Toolbars.
FF and Opera I have no idea.

That is how I had to get rid of one that snuck in on me.

Let me know if you find it there.

Added info here.> Remove Alot Toolbar
Hiyya Hoppy haven't seen you around for a bit - nice to hear from you again.

Mate I put Google back in as the Home page > applied > OK > rebooted and it is gone. The damn thing wasn't there in add ons so I don't know if it is still lurking somewhere else.

I think what got up my nose was it got in somehow when I tried to get Paint.NET and that sort of creepy behaviour is something that irritates the living heck out of me.
Anyway hope Topper is keeping well and you aint feeding him err her ? junk food
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