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18 Jun 2012  

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Well, nobody else in their right mind would actually buy an Activision or an EA game anymore lol
Especially not if the developers don't need the support haha
Key words... Right Minds

If you go to the Ubisoft forums, you will see exactly my point.

There is a kid ranting about how is it possible for Ubisoft to be delaying the PC game GFRS, that he is about 'this close' to cancel his pre-order (mind you, there is no demo, nor there has been a PC-only actual gameplay showed as of yet IIRC), and here is the kicker... he admits that he pre-ordered the Xbox GRFS game, that the servers have been down almost everyday and the game is buggy and he didn't like it Little does he know that the PC is going to be even worse since it will be a bad port of the game he already has.

I ask you, with minds like this one... why would Activision, EA and UBI stop their practices? Hell, I wouldn't either! I mean, those people are just asking for someone to take their money and be taken for a ride!
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