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18 Jun 2012  

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Ah, thank you for reminding me, add Ubisoft to the list of must-pirate video game releases. After the Assassin's Creed DRM MADNESS AND UTTER FRUSTRATION that made me rip my own guts out through my throat, I swore I will never buy a game from them either!

I'd rather die, to be perfectly honest... Well, okay, not exactly die, but you get my point.
Companies that practice like EA does with their popular games, or just a plain outright fraud should NOT be supported no matter how much one (including myself) is against piracy.

I know this is not allowed to be discussed on this forum, but many people already know my thoughts on piracy - the "moral" approach and the "don't support evil companies" approach. Mind you, I am not a pirate; I have never bought a game and then deliberately uploaded it to a pirate tracker or such; like I said many times before, ALL the games I bought have already been either downloaded "illegally" and played before deciding for myself whether they're worth my money (because I NEVER believe game reviews) or had a great demo/beta release which drew me in so much that I knew right then and there that I wanted to have it...

But EA, Activision and Ubisoft? Never again will I buy one more game from them, no matter how great it may be, unless - like I already mentioned - the developer company is small/fairly unknown/DECENT and need that support to make more games.

Look at InfinityWard and what happened to them! I myself have no real idea whether they were pushed by their publisher NOT to include dedicated servers for MW1, or they were just lazy and greedy; but I can assure you that no matter how much effort they DID put into patching and fixing their games, the much more powerful publishers decided to pull the plug on their own.

Once again I mention the case of Pandemic Studios with the game "The Saboteur" from 2009. EA forcefully shut down their company before people had time to get past the first official beta patch for the game! How in the world was that a good practice on EA's part? The players were left mad and foaming at the mouths, while fans were dropped into despair of ever seeing another game from Pandemic (anybody who knows me from the forums KNOW how much I loved "The Saboteur", having mentioned it many times as my personal all-time favorite video game of all time)...

The point is that, like ANY other industry, the gaming world is suffering with a lack of EVERYTHING for the past, well, at least some 5-6 years, whether creativity or anything else, and the worst part of it is that most of the time, it weren't developers to blame, but the publishers and publishers only. THAT'S WHY I found myself putting very high hopes into Kickstarter and all those developers involved with it... As I mentioned in another thread, Kickstarter is a definite proof that there are STILL developers who develops game because they like developing games, and that the industry never even HAD a chance to lose ANY potential - it just lost someone whom they can share their honest ideas with!
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