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19 Jun 2012  

I have no idea. Its my daughter's laptop and its frozen atm. I can tell you after I get it running
Laptop frozen. Can't get it to stop resuming so I can tinker with it

I'm new here so pls forgive me if I'm in the wrong place. I tried to post in the bugs and crashes but it wouldn't let me. I have no idea why. My problem:
Problem resolved. Thank you


Daugher's laptop from after she downloaded something. I know something about computers so figured I'd run some virus scans, clean it up a bit etc. But I can't get it to stop resuming. I've even taken the battery out. I need it to reboot. I need it to not load up in the same frozen state. I used xp on my computer so not knowledgeable about windows 7. Any help is appreciated. I cannot afford to bring to a tech and have never needed to all my years online.
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