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21 Jun 2012  

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
my PC wont boot,sudden shut down and restart - whats wrong?

hello mates i'm having a problem with my PC last month we were having a sudden power out problem in my place which i believe the cause of making my PC sudden shutdown,restart and sometimes it wont even boot and heres the method that i already tried

1.i changed my PSU with CoolMaster 800 watt , which i believing that my PSU is dying but its not

2.charged the thermal paste of my CPU/GPU with OCZ Freezer, i noticed my both CPU/GPU thermal paste was old

3.cleaned up everything else, the RAM,Motherboard,CPU/GPU fan/heatsink

4.restore default the BIOS settings

5.test out my HDD's to another computer (both are very fine no problems at all)

6.test out my GPU to another computer (its fine as normal)

....and yet these things still didn't fix my problem when i bootup my PC there's a odd message saying that "CPU overclock error" or something similar however i didn't even overclock my CPU before like i did restoring the BIOS to normal setting didn't help me, or maybe there's a problem with my old UPS? maybe the CPU or Motherboard? oh man i don't know i just run out of idea on which is the culprit of these problem..thanks in advance guys i appreciate it

by the way my this is my specs:

CPU: Intel E7500 2.93 (not oc)
Mobo: Asus P5KPL-AM
RAM: 2x of 2GB Kingston 800PCS
PSU: CoolMaster 800w
GPU: Geforce GTX550

i think thats it...
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