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23 Jun 2012  
Coram Daes

Customizing standard user accounts - adding system access without uac

When I search for the words in the thread title I only get references to UAC.
Well, I do not think I am interested in UAC.

In Windows NT4 it was possible to take any existing account and modify/customize its access rights, per system function. As in allowing standard user Joe to be able to change date, whithout elevation. I could edit the account rights of Joe, giving or removing just about any system access.

I need to be able to give some system rights to a local standard account, without elevation. No admin password, no UAC, nothing. At the same time that standard account should not be able to access local policy or computer management or similar, other, system features.

Any ideas...?

/Note: Software Restriction Policies, User Rights Assignments and other related item in Secpol.msc does not seem to be an option, I have reviewed them.
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