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23 Jun 2012  

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the ONLY winners in this sort of stuff are the Lawyers -- and with the REDICULOUS number of these cases the consumer pays in the end either by more expensive products or reduced availability - or even future choice.

BBC News - Apple ordered to pay damages to Samsung by Dutch court

I saw another article somewhere saying how OPEN SOURCE projects are starting to reap good profits for some businesses -- seems in this case Apple and Samsung should just forget all this "Lawyer and Court" Horse sh--e and get back to making and improving their products


BBC News - Why companies must adopt the open source way

Even if an Iphone was a Samsung in disguise or a Galaxy IIIs an Iphone in disguise people would still buy the models they prefer.

...And it's not just Apple and Samsung. it's Oracle and HP and many, many more. I do agree that some of the things on Samsung's products are SIMILAR, but not IDENTICAL. The charging port on my Galaxy Tab 2 is very similar to the charging port on my iPod Touch. It isn't the same, but it is similar. As for their Touchwiz, it doesn't really look like Apple's iOS interface. Apple is just trying to hurt open source there.
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