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24 Jun 2012  


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You seem to miss the whole cant burn cds part
You are correct - the "can't burn to CD/DVD" was missed because you never mentioned it, not once."
Please leave the attitude out of your replies - we are all volunteers here that sacrifice our own time to help tens of thousands of users solve many varied and complicated issues, and no one works harder at this than Greg, and his success rate is phenomenal.
It's odd that the poster right above you saw me mention it and you never saw it. As far as my attitude is concerned it was very good until I got some thrown my way.
It's also amazing, now that this is marked solved and I'm no longer looking for help there is all this input where as before only 2 people were interested, greg and parrkhi.
I do recall thanking Greg for the time he put in to help me. Or did you not see that as well? As far as you being a Volunteer and helping, lecturing someone on how they should respond on a solved thread is hardly a productive use of your time when like you said there are tens of THOUSANDs of people who are seeking help.

I simply corrected the assumption I was ignoring help I came here looking for. If the person I was talking to has taken it as it is why are you up here copping attitude for him. Please go help someone instead of flaming this thread; since we are making requests.
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