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24 Jun 2012  

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1

THIS IS BULL$#*%!!! im SO sick and TIRED of m$' B$!! i have a pc that's probably as fast or faster than almost 80% of the pcs in use now, and i can't effin USE IT!

i've tried EVERYTHING (from): disabling 'open explorer windows in seperate process' to resetting all folders to disabling auto-arrange to even disabling full-row select!

it even affects my desktop!!

i finally just had to select the better of *multiple* evils (the LEAST annoying folder view for ALL folders -- from documents and downloads to pictures and music) and applied to all folders (at least THAT "worked" ).

i can't even sort, then resort and have things sorted by name THEN type THEN (finally) date!!! sad thing is: it wasn't always like this for me!! i mustve hit that arbitrary limit m$ imposes on us users who use explorer frequently (i think i read it was a thousand explorer views/opens)... and i THOUGH i tried a registry hack (batch file) for THAT! :S

somebody else from another site's forum summed it up pretty darn well:

"It seems [Micro$haft] is aiming to stop customers from doing what they want. This is how the company operates. When it finds customers want something it gives them something else. No start button [or an easily-accessible DESKTOP] in Windows 8, what stupidity."

all i've got to say is... FSCK m$!!!

btw, sevenforums... its REALLY annoying having to retype a post cause your site doesnt always load pages/accept requests > : ( and WHY are you guys using MICRO$HAFT'S *FUGLY* emoticons?!? :\

edit: forgot to mention 'ctrl click' close and NO im NOT in libraries!!
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